Sunday, October 18, 2015


Not much to say here. It is an “amazing” story of science fiction with a cast that tries to sell it to the audience. United Artists had the courage to distribute this one for Edward F. Gardner Productions.

Imagine arriving home one evening and someone who looks exactly like you has taken over your life. Even your wife does not know you. I cannot imagine it either. Except maybe for that last part. Barry Nelson stars, along with a cast of unknowns, in a film that is hard to fathom. In under fifteen minutes the plot is revealed and the balance of the movie is assumed. You will find yourself always ahead of the script. The movie never convinces that there is a Nice Nelson and a Evil Nelson. Nice Nelson simply may be a bit loopy. There may have been a Half Nelson in there somewhere. Talk about identity theft! But this is not supposed to be a science fiction movie. Not much of a film noir, either, though it seems to fall into that category. Nice Nelson finds his picture plastered on every newspaper as the robber of 500k so the police are after him. Evil Nelson has trained dobermans in pursuit of Nice Nelson, creating bad press for the breed. Let’s face it, this is more predictable than blinking. If you are interested in seeing Jack Warden in his movie debut then it is worth watching. He is a friend who owns facial recognition software. Nah! You will never believe that either.

Many low-budget movies might have been more respected by shaving minutes and offering it free through television. This would have made a better than average episode of, “The Alfred Hitchcock Hour.”

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