Saturday, October 3, 2015


Anthony Mann kept busy directing in the late forties. With this very predictably loaded script, one wonders how the police could accuse someone on hearsay and speculation and such a bad judge of character. Obviously, things have not changed that much since. Sheila Ryan isn't a good judge of character either, as she assumes John Ireland is just having a bad day. Again. He was typecast as a bad guy or down and out loser. Hugh Beaumont, on the other hand, typically played a person in authority and is solid here as a thorough, cool and collected investigator. Just the opposite, Ireland loses his cool often with no sanctity for life. This film adds an extra dose of noir in noir. So dark at times it is hard to see what’s going on. In the climactic scenes, Beaumont and Ireland aim guns in cave darkness better than most. You might enjoy this one, watching competent acting by Beaumont before "retiring" as an investigator, whose skills will come in handy with Wally and Theodore.    

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